About Us

Meet the creator of Smart Kids 101, Julie Hunt!

Julie’s been helping kids become more successful at life for more than 20 years! What started with her own kids soon became the realization…

All parents want these kinds of classes for their children!

And from that, she developed 3 fun, comprehensive programs for kids to learn important life skills — Polite Kids 101, Safe Kids 101, and Babysitting 101.

Today, these classes are taught all across the country via online eCourses and live-based classes taught by leaders who have started their own classes to deliver Smart Kids 101 training materials.

We are glad you’re here and encourage you to take a look around! Find out more about each of our programs or become a leader and start earning money and helping kids.

Got questions? Thoughts? Julie would love to hear from you! Email her directly: julie (at) smartkids101.com

“Our daughter, Rachel, learned so much and had a great time in the process. She came home from the class ready to make flyers and "advertise" her babysitting business. Your class prepared her to confidently ask the right questions and think through the experiences she may face while in someone else’s home.”
— Rachel’s Mom —
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