What do kids need to know about how to act during a prayer?

Courteous Kids During Thanksgiving Prayer

It’s been a few weeks since our last free video on how to wash hands, so we think it’s time for another. Don’t you? Of course you do! And this one comes just in time to teach your kids for Thanksgiving. Being respectful of others’ beliefs is an important lesson, so start teaching your kids now. Watch the video to learn the top 3 things they need to know about being courteous during Thanksgiving prayer — and beyond. What to Do During the Thanksgiving Prayer We know you’re not always able to watch, so here’s the scoop… Manners and etiquette are…

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How to have a gracious home when entertaining guests. Lots of great tips at the link!
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“I started reviewing the new Babysitting 101 DVD and books this morning and I love the changes that you have made. I love the information about technology – boy have things changed a lot in just a few years.”
— Hospital Educator in Florida —
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