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The Smart Kids 101 Programs

Babysitting 101 Video Training

Babysitting 101

Babysitting 101 prepares the next generation of caregivers. Learn how to start a business, play with kids, care for babies, address first aid and emergency situations, and become a HERO in the eyes of a kid!

Safe Kids 101 Video Training

Safe Kids 101

To a pre-teen growing and establishing identity, the world can seem chaotic, dangerous, and confusing. Safe Kids 101 helps kids become more sure-footed by teaching them to be independent, responsible, and able to care for themselves — valuable skills adults want tweens to know as they mature!

Polite Kids 101 Video Training

Polite Kids 101

Polite Kids 101 is the perfect introduction to manners and etiquette for kids. Our approach is fun and unique, focusing on the importance of showing respect, kindness and honor through our actions, rather than blindly obeying a stodgy set of rules.

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“Thank you Julie Hunt. I was concerned to leave my 12 year old home alone for the 2 hour gap between him getting off the bus and me getting home from work. I think your DVD and workbook are great! Thank you for coming up with this training for young people! It gives me and my son the confidence needed to make this transition in the upcoming school year.”
— Happy Customer —
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