5 Things You Should Look for in a Great Babysitter

What are the best qualities in a great babysitter? What things do you look for? Find out at https://smartkids101.com

You’ve hired a new babysitter for the evening, and you’re understandably a little nervous. What’s she going to be like? Are the kids going to like her?

If you’re looking for the cues to know whether she’s a keeper,  it’s as easy as this:

1.  Attitude is Everything

For real.  A great babysitter shows she is happy to have the job of watching your amazing children. She shows it by dressing in clothes good for playing in. She shows it by kneeling down to greet your little ones and engaging the older ones in conversation. And she smiles! Look for a positive attitude because that’s the foundation for a great babysitter.

What are the best qualities in a great babysitter? What things do you look for? Find out at https://smartkids101.com

2.  Get Them Trained!

Imagine with me: you have need for babysitting on a particular day. And — what’s that in your hand? You have a Magic List of sitters — a whole fleet of neighborhood teens, if you will, who know how to handle all kinds of situations — from the more common separation anxiety to the (hopefully) less common knocked-out tooth.

I hope I don’t sound like a broken record. This one is SO important, and it’s actually so easy a caveman could do it.  No, wait, that’s something different.  But certifying a babysitter IS easier than you might think.

If you want to become her favorite client, you can give her the Babysitting 101 online e-Course for her to watch in the comfort of her own home. Then she’ll tell another neighborhood teen about it. And another. That small army of mothers’ helpers isn’t so unheard-of now, huh?

Instructor-led babysitting classes are also popping up all over the country, so check for one in your area or become a leader to host your own (and earn some money yourself!).

3.  Responsibility

So I’m a first-born child, and the Responsibility Trait runs strong. When I was a young babysitter (back when we walked uphill –both ways!– to school in the snow), I placed a lot of importance on bringing my emergency information checklist and tote bag filled with age-appropriate toys and activities with me. Here, you’ll look for her to arrive on-time or to ask if nail polish and science experiments are allowed (and where’s the best place to do these potentially messy/fun activities). And if she’s texting while you’re giving her instructions, I’d call that a Giant Red Flag.

4.  Benjamins… er… Hamiltons

Because he’s a certified babysitter he understands that this is a business arrangement. (And, no, I’m not talking about my husband. A teen boy can be great babysitters, too!)

It’s a really great thing when he’s not shy to bring up the topic of payment and tell me what price he thinks his babysitting services are worth. I’m a grownup. I know my budget. We should be able to negotiate a fair price for both of us.

And remember you’re hoping to start a long-term relationship here, so err on the side of generosity if you’re unsure.

5.  Awesomeness, No Extra Charge

Who will read The Cat in the Hat 7 times in a row to your child? Oh, that’s right, your awesome babysitter! When your sitter shows interest in your kids, you’ve hit babysitting GOLD. Because even on a good night, I’m probably going to read The Cat in the Hat 2-maaaaybe-3 times.

But when I overhear her telling my kids that she stopped by the library and found some interesting books to read together? Or when she leads my seven year old to the blocks and begins building with him? That’s when I smile from ear to ear, because I know she’s committed to meeting the needs of my children AND engaging with them!

What are the best qualities in a great babysitter? What things do you look for? Find out at https://smartkids101.com

A great babysitter is a treasure!  Once you find one you don’t want to let her go.  No wonder parents get territorial about passing along the name of a good sitter to their friends…

What do you look for in a great babysitter? Any good stories to share? Lessons learned? Tell us in the comments! Thanks for stopping by.

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Before hopping on the crazy ride we call motherhood, I studied engineering and taught math and science to middle and high school students. Now, perhaps like you, I fill my days singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider and praying my preschooler will eat a vegetable — any vegetable!

2 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Look for in a Great Babysitter”

  1. Nichole says:

    Finding a great babysitter is so hard! We found two great ones when we first moved here, and then they both moved away. That’s the trouble with using college kids, I guess! We’ve since found two more great sitters, and I don’t think they’re going to be moving any time soon.

    1. Aubrey Hunt says:

      Amen. I hope your new sitters stay put for a while. I mean it when I say a good babysitter is a treasure!!

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