Advice on How to Get More Babysitting Jobs

Advice on How to Get More Babysitting Jobs from smartkids101.comWhether you’re just starting your babysitting business or you’ve already had a few gigs, it can be hard to know the best way to land those babysitting jobs. But don’t worry — I’ve been there! I’m here to help. And I’m bringing some of our best tips from Babysitting 101!

Starting this plan now means you’ll have plenty of time to prep. Aren’t you smart? Then you’ll be in great shape for all the upcoming babysitting opportunities — especially when parents are looking for help during spring break and summer vacation. Cha-ching!

So follow these simple steps, and you’ll become a great babysitter— and you’ll be getting all kinds of babysitting jobs before you know it!

Get More Babysitting Jobs: The Best Advice from the People Behind Babysitting 101

Get Trained

One of the first things you need to do is become a certified babysitter. And — lucky for you — we have made it SO easy to become certified!

Becoming certified simply means that you’ve taken a class that tells you all you need to know about babysitting. From knowing what to do in emergency situations to learning what kids like to play and eat, this is a SUPER-IMPORTANT step — so don’t skip it.

Not only will you have better peace of mind that you are ready for babysitting jobs, but the families you want to work for will also be more likely to hire a babysitter who has been properly trained.

Now remember when I promised it would be easy? It is with Babysitting 101, Your Complete Guide to Becoming the Best Babysitter! Take the course online using the link above (our NEW and easiest option!) or find a local class. Either way you choose, you will learn about all kinds of problems babysitters face — and how to solve them!

  • what to do with a child who won’t stop crying
  • how to handle emergency first aid situations
  • who to call if you need extra help
  • what to do when you’re taking care of more than one child
  • how to handle transportation if you don’t drive yet

You’ll be well on your way to becoming the best babysitter. (And earning all those babysitting jobs, remember?)


After you’re trained and ready to start babysitting, you’ll want to begin advertising your business.

The best way to get babysitting jobs is to find the people who need them. Brainstorm who you know with young children:

  • the family who lives down the street
  • your parents’ friends
  • people you know at your church or synagogue
  • extended family members who live close by

Make a flyer or business card to give to these families directly, or simply talk to those parents in person. Make sure you include that you’re certified and when you’re available to babysit. If you’re a boy babysitter, include that on the flyer, too — many families are looking for young men who can keep up with their energetic sons!

When you take the Babysitting 101 class, you’ll get example flyers and templates to help you in the flyer-making process.

Please note: we don’t recommend posting your flyer to local boards, since you can’t control who sees that information. As we teach in Safe Kids 101, you never can be too careful with stranger danger. Instead, it’s a better idea to hand these flyers directly to parents you know who have young children.

Be Professional

Your attitude matters. It’s the one thing every good babysitter needs. In fact, it can be a critical factor that influences whether or not a parent hires you for their babysitting jobs.

So make sure you always have a good attitude with the families you work for. Parents are looking for:

  • a happy face
  • a cheerful heart while serving their family
  • positive, encouraging attitude with the kids

While you’re thinking like a business professional, you should also consider what to charge your clients for your babysitting services. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our helpful guide (and FREE video!) linked here and called, “What to Pay the Babysitter.”

Get Your Tote Bag Ready

Here comes the fun part! Start getting your babysitter tote bag ready. (PSST – click the link for more great ideas and a free video!)

What’s a babysitter tote bag?

I’m glad you asked! In short, it holds everything you need to bring with you to ensure smooth sailing on your babysitting jobs.

You can go ahead and put in your first aid kit, flashlight, and the Babysitting 101 student workbook you received in your training course. That way you’ll be ready in the unlikely event of emergencies that may happen on your babysitting jobs.

Once you’ve landed your first of many babysitting jobs, it’s time to add the age-appropriate books and toys. Since you now know what ages of kids you’ll be babysitting, you can look back in your workbook for ideas on what books and toys to bring with you. Think back to what you enjoyed playing with or reading when you were smaller — kids LOVE it when a sitter brings fun, special things to do!

Advice on How to Get More Babysitting Jobs

And that’s it. Not too bad, right? Starting your new babysitting business doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds with these simple steps. Now get out there and take the world — ahem, and your babysitting jobs — by storm! Best wishes!

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