Want Your Kid to be Successful? Here’s How to Help!

Gifts to get your budding entrepreneur // The Business 101 Holiday Gift Guide from https://smartkids101.comPlanning for Your Child’s Future has Never Been So Fun!

Your child is full of ideas — always planning, creating, brainstorming. Maybe your kid is inspired as you watch Shark Tank with your family. You want to help him or her build the framework for such talent, but you feel like you don’t have the time or the know-how.

Fear not!

Business 101 takes the dreamers and supplies the essential knowledge for building a successful business.  And not just boring old accounting either: included are real stories, as told by young adults, about how they looked at their talents, their dreams — and built careers.

So if you’re wondering how to help your child practically to rein in that creative talent and focus on the future, let the Business 101 Gift Guide help you this Christmas!

Gifts to get your budding entrepreneur // The Business 101 Holiday Gift Guide from https://smartkids101.com

  1. Start with the Business 101 DVD, a great resource for kids to learn basic business principles and what it takes to succeed.  For more information and to order, please click here.
  2. No business would be complete without a solid financial plan.  Start your entrepreneur out the right way with the save/spend/donate/invest piggy bank!
  3. Business cards are a must, and moo.com has an amazing selection.  Be their favorite and get them a gift certificate and this cute little MiniCard Holder.
  4. For the jewelry designer in your life, stock up her supplies with a Jewelry Design Kit and give her something to show off her wares, like this Necklace/Bracelet holder.
  5. Test their mental acuity and creativity with Funny Business, a wacky game where players compete to imagine the most clever business name for the most ridiculous imaginary business mergers.
  6. Every pet sitter needs some essentials like a dog leash, portable water dish, and dog toy.  Throw in some treats for extra pizzazz!
  7. For older kids really wanting to delve into the mathematical side of business (or homeschoolers looking to make math more realistic and engaging!), The Accounting Game book may be just the thing.

Put shortly, Business 101 applies to kids with ANY entrepreneurial ideas — the sky’s the limit!  (And be sure to see our Babysitting Gift Guide if your child’s interests revolve around taking care of children.)

Congratulations!  Your Smart Kid is well on his or her way to running a successful business, thanks in part to the awesome Christmas gift you’re planning.  Go you!

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Merry Christmas and have fun shopping for the Smart Kids in your life!

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