More Fire Safety Tips for Kids: Candle Safety

“Whose parents like to light candles at home?” the guest fireman asked my son Charley’s class. Several children, including mine, raised their hand. I had been outed. By my four-year-old!

“Oh no, that’s not good. Candles are SO unsafe. We’ve been called to too many fires that were started by candles,” the fireman continued. My son looked at me with wide eyes. Oh, I was in trouble.

And I understand that, but I also know there are whole aisles of sweet-smelling candles in Target, just calling my name. Maybe yours, too.

Rather than avoiding them altogether, let’s all learn these candle safety tips — and teach them to our older children, too — to prevent mishaps.

Fire Safety Tips

Watch this short video from Julie to learn all you need to know about candle safety for kids (and adults). (And make sure you watch to the end for some fun bloopers… no Smart Kids 101 Leaders were harmed in the making of this educational video… thank GOODNESS!)

To be very clear: we don’t recommend you teach your young children how to light a match or let them burn candles in their rooms. Please be wise where fire is concerned and decide what’s best for your family.

That said, if you have an older child who is very curious about playing with fire and matches, allowing him to light a candle in the kitchen under your supervision may be just what he needs to learn how to handle fire responsibly and feel grown up.

A brief recap of the video highlights:

Fire Safety Tip#1: The Type of Candle Matters

So. Let’s start with the type of candle itself. Some candles are safer than others, and this is part of what Julie and other facilitators like to teach in the Safe Kids 101 classes.

Pop Quiz on Candle Safety. Which of these candles is most safe? Do your kids know? Find out this and more candle safety at

The taper (on the left) is not very safe because it tips easily.

The decorative candles in the middle are cute, but the exposed flame poses great risk for catching something else on fire accidentally.

The jar on the right is the most safe out of these candles because the flame and hot wax are contained.

There are other options on the market that do not pose fire safety risk — flameless LED candles are battery operated and some are even scented and programmed to flicker realistically.

Fire Safety Tip #2: Lighting a Candle — the SAFE Way

Burns are the worst! Follow these fire safety tips when lighting a match.

Is there are safer way to light a match? Find out this and more fire and candle safety at

Be sure you strike it AWAY from you, as shown on the left. Pulling the match on the strike pad toward you (pictured on the right) creates the greatest possibility of your hair, a scarf, or your shirt catching on fire…YIKES!!

Even more safe? Use the lighter with a long neck, specifically designed for lighting candles. It keeps your fingers far away from the flames, posing least risk for a burn.

Fire Safety Tip #3: Disposing of a Used Match

Two good ways to dispose of a used match without lighting your trash can on fire. Find out more candle and fire safety at

When you’re ready to dispose of the used match, dunk it in a cup of water or run it under the faucet. It’s the only way to be sure the smoldering matchstick is fully out and won’t ignite something in the trash can!

Fire Safety Tip #4: Never Leave a Candle Burning

Be sure to snuff out ANY candle whenever you leave the room… even if you’re running into the next room for just a minute. Because if you’re anything like me, simply going into the next room for a minute seems innocent enough. But before you know it, you’re involved in a whole flurry of activity like that poor rodent in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. 

So just never leave a burning candle unattendedmmmkay?

Interested in more fire safety tips and training for kids? Check out our Safe Kids 101 online e-Course to teach your kids all they need to know about fire safety and more — the easy way!

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