New Etiquette Classes That Will Change Your Child’s Life!

The Importance of Etiquette Classes

Wouldn’t it be nice if kids were born using polite words and showing kindness to others?

But manners are more than just good behavior. They are the practice of learning how to value, honor, and respect others.

As kids learn how to practice these skills of showing kindness, making good choices in social settings, and treating others with respect, they will become better equipped to handle themselves at home and at school.

If your kids are like mine, teaching our kids manners is sometimes easier said than done, until now…

Introducing the all NEW Polite Kids 101 etiquette classes for kids from Smart Kids 101!

Etiquette classes for kids with Polite Kids 101

About Polite Kids 101 Etiquette Classes

You’ve enjoyed our posts on how to introduce yourself, which manners books get kids’ attention, managing bossy behavior, and teaching children respect (in 5 minutes or less).

So we know you will LOVE the new Polite Kids 101 etiquette classes. Here’s just some of what’s covered in our etiquette classes:

  • Basic Kindness, Respect, and Honor
  • Communication Topics like Body Language, Introductions, and Being a Good Listener
  • Informal Table Manners AND Formal Place Settings
  • Being a Guest or Host
  • Birthday Party, Funeral, and Wedding Etiquette

Our etiquette classes are focused on teaching kids what they need to know about showing kindness to others in everyday situations. None of that stuffy etiquette they’ll likely never use! The class is packed with pertinent information for REAL situations that kids ages 7 and up will encounter: all your favorite manners for kids PLUS several new topics perfect for the next generation of kids.

How to Teach  Your Kids Manners

You now have TWO convenient options to train your kids!

Option 1 is an easy, at-home e-Course. Simply sign up for the etiquette classes online, and you can teach your kids manners in the comfort of your own home. You get 7-day access to the new 50-minute Polite Kids 101 video. You’ll also get a downloadable, printable Polite Kids 101 Student Workbook for your student to take notes and complete activities during their online etiquette classes. You can view more info at the Polite Kids 101 e-Course page.

Option 2 is to find a local class for your child to attend etiquette classes taught by one of our awesome Leaders in your area! Students in live-based etiquette classes each receive the all-new, beautifully-designed Student Workbook to fill out and take home with them.

Etiquette classes for kids with Polite Kids 101

Teach Your Own Etiquette Classes

If a local etiquette class isn’t available for your child to attend, or if you are looking to start your own small business, then you may be interested in becoming a Polite Kids 101 Leader. When you become a Leader, you receive:

  • your own DVD copy of the 50-minute Polite Kids 101 video
  • NEW! online streaming access that never expires
  • a Leader Manual: your 64-page comprehensive guide to teaching the etiquette classes
  • more fun freebies, like a guide to branding and advertising your Smart Kids 101 business

Learn more about joining our amazing team of leaders on the Polite Kids 101 Leader page.

So what do you think? Do you know a child who could benefit from the course? The cost is low and the reward is HIGH!

Enter to Win a Polite Kids 101 e-Course Membership

And just to keep the fun going, how about a little contest? One winner will be chosen at random at noon on FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2015. Entries will be verified, so be sure you complete all 3 steps! The contest is now closed, but be sure to check out the Polite Kids 101 e-Course!

Contest Winner for Polite Kids 101 e-Course Program

Etiquette classes for kids with Polite Kids 101

Etiquette classes for kids with Polite Kids 101
Etiquette classes for kids with Polite Kids 101

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  1. Kristen says:

    This sounds perfect to address some issues of unintentional rudeness and table manners we have unsuccessfully tried to remedy in our house!

    1. Aubrey Hunt says:

      It’s hard to hit all the topics… and if your kids are like mine, sometimes they have to hear it from someone ELSE for it to start to sink in! Good luck to you! (In both the manners and the contest… haha.) 🙂

  2. Catherine Hoover says:

    I would like for my grandchildren to learn how to introduce themselves.

    1. Aubrey Hunt says:

      That’s such a great thing that all kids need to know! Good luck! 🙂

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