Get Your Free, Printable Thank You Notes Right Here

Free, printable thank you notes

Do you ever feel just a little bit frantic this time of year?

I know I do.

There are so many things to do — shopping, planning, cleaning, decorating, hiring a holiday babysitter, wrapping presents, attending holiday parties… and the thing is? It’s all good stuff. 

But sometimes I have to take a step back and remember that even in the chaos of it all, I can have peace. And a big part of this is gratitude. So today, I want to chat about something that’s part good manners and part mental health insurance — and give you a some free, printable thank you notes. Read on!

Why Gratitude Matters (And Keep Reading for Your Printable Thank You Notes!)

We may talk about gratitude a lot around here, but it really is that important. Studies show that gratitude fights depression, changes your brain for the better, and is a pillar for future psychological well-being.

It’s a choice — and sometimes usually it’s difficult to carve out time to intentionally express gratitude, especially this time of year. But I want to encourage you to do it. It can make a difference in your day to take a step back and remind yourself of all you have to be grateful for. And there are so many things.

Ways to Express Gratitude

3 Easy Ways to Express Gratitude

1. Many people like to keep a gratitude journal. More power to the people who are able to make gratitude journaling a part of their daily routine, but that’s a little more cumbersome than I’d like at this stage in my life. (Just being honest — maybe you can relate?)

2. So instead of doing that, I try to incorporate gratitude into my regular routine is with my favorite organizational tool, the Purposeful Planner. (That’s NOT an affiliate link. I just use mine all the time and love it!) There’s a spot for “Prayer and Praise,” which has been a great way for me to refocus, even in the midst of planning all the things for the week.

3. Another great way to express gratitude this time of year is to write thank you notes. And you can get your kids involved with this one! Starting them out early with writing thank you notes not only keeps them in Great Aunt’s good graces — after all, Emily Post would agree it’s essential to good etiquette — but writing thank you notes also begins to instill in your kids that deep sense of satisfaction with their lives and love for the people who surround them.

Isn’t that an excellent outcome?

Why Thank You Notes Are Important

It seems like handwritten notes are slowly becoming a thing of the past. But there’s just something about getting something special in the mail — that’s not a bill or junk —  that makes you feel like you matter to more than just your electric company. (And, trust me, you are!)

I want the people in my life to know that they are important to me, and writing a note is just one way to get that message across.

How to Write Thank You Notes Easily

So let me make it easier for you this holiday season with free, printable thank you notes!

Simply enter your email address in the box below and we will deliver two versions of the printable thank you notes straight to your inbox.

Free Printable Thank You Notes with Hearts

The first printable thank you notes are ready-to-go from your printer into the mailbox. Well, you still need to write in them — but you get the idea. They’re cute, trendy, and just the right personal touch to let your recipient know you are grateful for their time, their gift, what they mean to you — any occasion you might have to send, these printable thank you notes are ready to go!

Free Printable Thank You Notes for Coloring In

The second printable thank you notes that you’ll get in your email inbox are great for kids (ahem, and parents who are into “grown-up coloring” like I am). On the front of these printable thank you notes is an outline that’s great for kids to color in especially for the recipient. It’s a great way for even very young kids to contribute to the thank you note writing process.

Not Sure What to Write?

So you’ve got your printable thank you notes downloaded, printed, and ready to go. Now what? What do you say to let the recipient know how you feel? Never fear, simply visit The No-Struggle Way to Get Your Kids to Write Thank-You Notes, and follow our simple steps to writing a perfect thank you note.

So easy, your kids can do it — but they’re also the same steps I use to make sure I say it right when writing my own thank you notes.

Easy peasy? I hope so! (But there’s no need to write a note to thank us. This one’s on the house.)

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Free, printable thank you notes

Expressing gratitude this time of year is SO important. For adults, it combats the tendency to get stressed out or over-indulge. (Been there!) For kids, it helps shift the focus on what presents they receive to an appropriate response for all that they’re given.

So good luck and warm wishes for a Merry Christmas to your whole family! If you have any Thank You Note questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. The comment section is open below, and we’re here to make this easy for you.

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