Why You Need a Certified Babysitter (and How to Get One)

You need a certified babysitter.  Ryan Gosling isn't one (that we know of), but here's what you can do.  (Psst - It's easy!)

(Source: Pinterest. Please note: Ryan Gosling has not taken the Babysitting 101 course. Yet.)

You’ve rocked them.  You’ve raised them.  You’ve met their every need. Now you need someone who can be trusted to care for them while you run some errands, go on a date night, or even just get a few things done around the house.

You simply need to leave your child in the best possible care so you don’t have to worry (as much) while you’re away.

Who can you trust?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a whole list of people to go to when you need a sitter?  Trusted. Competent. Qualified. Certified.

Do you have a great babysitter?  Is she certified?  Get the scoop at https://smartkids101.com

There actually is a simple way to achieve what may seem like a far-fetched dream.  And all you need to do is give a copy of the Babysitting 101 online e-Course  to your favorite potential sitters or tell them about local classes.

As you find that pre-teen who just moved in down the street, hear about a friend’s favorite sitter who is looking for extra gigs, or know of a teenage relative who is coming to visit for the summer — tell these would-be sitters about how they can easily become an even better caretaker.

Let them know that Babysitting 101 a great way to grow their babysitting business. After all, what parent wouldn’t pay a little extra for a certified, trustworthy sitter?

It’s the classic Win/Win because they learn valuable information that can keep your children safe, happy, and well cared-for!

  • What to bring in a tote bag for fun AND in case of emergencies
  • Information to get before the parents leave
  • Performing first aid – including a demonstration of CPR & abdominal thrusts for choking emergencies
  • Kid solutions: from separation anxiety to when the children won’t go to sleep!

It’s really an easy solution that can give you great peace of mind when trusting your precious children to the care of another.

To see more and gift a class today, click here!

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