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How do you know when your pre-teen or teenager is ready to care for children? Becoming a certified Babysitting 101 caregiver is as easy as click, watch, and learn!

Babysitting 101 Training Course

In less than 3 hours of interesting and engaging learning, your child will become a sought-after babysitter, implementing a plan to find babysitting jobs and care for kids of all ages with equal measures of skill and fun.

Babysitting 101 individual e-course training from Smart Kids 101


What’s included:

  • A downloadable, printable PDF workbook
  • 7-day unlimited access to the 87-minute video program
  • An opportunity to earn your Babysitting 101 Certificate by taking an online certification quiz.

Individual Price:


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Video Sample

Workbook Sample

Babysitting 101 Student Workbook


Topics Include:

  • Marketing and organizing your babysitting skills
  • Engaging kids of all ages
  • The character of a babysitter
  • Administering first aid and taking care of emergencies
  • Common problems babysitters face — and the solutions!

Babysitting 101 – FAQs:

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How long is the video?

The video is 87 minutes long, and it will take a little longer with the included hands-on activities. (It can be divided into several shorter sessions if needed.)
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For what age is this program best suited?

11 years and up
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How long is the workbook?

27 pages long
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Can I see a sample of the workbook?

Certainly! There are sample pages on the product page.
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When was the content of the program last updated?

It was updated in September 2014.
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How long does shipping take?

We ship USPS Priority Mail. If you need expedited shipping, please email us at julie {at}
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