Individual Training Course

Have you ever wondered how to teach your kids to be respectful and kind in a fun way? Or wished they had better table manners?

Polite Kids 101 Training Course

You’re cordially invited to prepare your children for any social situation with Polite Kids 101 — it’s as easy as click, watch, and learn! In less than 2 hours, a sassy child will realize how uninviting it looks to be disrespectful, and a shy child will learn the importance of good eye contact.

Babysitting 101 individual e-course training from Smart Kids 101

What’s all included:

  • A downloadable, printable 24 page PDF workbook
  • 7-day access to the 50-minute video program
  • A course completion card in the back of every workbook

Individual Price:


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Polite Kids 101 Student Workbook



Topics Include:

  • Kindness, respect and honor
  • Communication manners like body language, tone of voice and interrupting others “politely”
  • Introducing yourself
  • How to set a basic table setting and a more formal one too
  • Table Manners before, during and after the meal
  • Being a guest in someone’s home and birthday party manners
  • Wedding and Funeral etiquette

Polite Kids – FAQs:

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How long is the video?

The video is 50 minutes long, and it will take a little longer with the included hands-on activities. (It can be divided into several shorter viewings if needed.)
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What age is this program best suited for?

7 years and up
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How long is the workbook?

24 pages long
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Can I see a sample of the workbook?

Certainly! There are sample pages on the product page.
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How old is this program?

Updated in April 2015.
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How long does shipping take?

We ship USPS Priority Mail. If you need expedited shipping, please email us at julie {at}
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