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Are you looking for a comprehensive group training that’s also easy to implement? Whether you’re a hospital, Girl Scout council, church, recreation center, or school — you’re at the right place!

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Polite Kids 101 Training Course

Picture this: a classroom full of eager elementary-to-middle school children ready to learn the importance of kind and respectful living — and where to put the fork, knife, and spoon at the table.

Enter you: A completely trained Polite Kids 101 Leader, equipped with everything you need to offer a complete curriculum. The DVD host, Julie Hunt, does most of the teaching for you. She guides you and students through manners and etiquette training that will have parents and kids thanking you for providing such a valuable program!

Polite Kids 101 Leader Materials from Smart Kids 101

What’s included:

  • A downloadable, printable PDF Leader Manual. This is your lifeline: a comprehensive guide with all of our tips and tricks gathered over 2 decades of teaching! It includes a script and activity ideas with flexibility that allows you to customize it over time.
  • A DVD copy of Polite Kids 101, the 50-minute video program
  • PLUS unlimited online streaming access of the Polite Kids 101 video
  • A starter pack of 10 Polite Kids 101 workbooks for your first class. (You can order more any time you need them.)
  • Supplemental materials that help you get your Smart Kids 101 business started, including advertising and branding tips and materials.
Polite Kids 101 is packed full of information and video of kids in real-life social situations. You can even add in your own ideas, adapting your classes to perfectly suit your area. Parents will be lining up to register their kids for your amazing class!

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Video Sample

Workbook Sample

Polite Kids 101 Student Workbook


Topics Include:

  • Kindness, respect and honor
  • Communication manners like body language, tone of voice and interrupting others “politely”
  • Introducing yourself
  • How to set a basic table setting and a more formal one too
  • Table Manners before, during and after the meal
  • Being a guest in someone’s home and birthday party manners
  • Wedding and Funeral etiquette

If you teach scouts, don’t forget to order fun patches for 75¢ each!

Polite Kids 101 – FAQs:

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How long is the video?

The video is 50 minutes long, and your live-based class will take about 3 hours, or it can be divided into several shorter classes.
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What age is this program best suited for?

7 years and up
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How long is the workbook?

24 pages long
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Can I copy the workbook pages myself? Is the workbook necessary?

Each workbook is a wonderful complement to the DVD program, and it allows the student to take notes and engage in the program — and then take home to remember what was covered in class! We encourage parents to look through the workbook with their children and ask questions to see what they learned. As it is copyrighted information, the workbook cannot be copied.
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Can I see a sample of the workbook?

Certainly! There are sample pages on the product page.
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How old is this program?

It was updated in April 2015.
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How long does shipping take?

We ship USPS Priority Mail. If you need expedited shipping, please email us at julie {at}
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