How to Encourage Safety for Fun-loving Kids

A gift guide for kids that encourages safety // great ideas to pair with a bike for Christmas from

How to Keep your Kids Safe this Year

You’re an awesome parent.  Seems like yesterday your kid was in diapers and bringing home glittery preschool projects.  You blink twice and here you are, staring at a taller version whose every move is reaching for independence — or so it seems.


Yikes! While they’ll always be your babies, you want to afford them every opportunity for success as they learn how to navigate the safety factors in everyday life:

  • aggressive dogs
  • staying home alone
  • fire safety
  • simple first aid
  • the helmet-related nagging you DON’T want to do but seems inevitable with that bike/RipStik/skateboard they’re getting for Christmas.

Because you’re an awesome parent.  Did I mention that?

The Safe Kids 101 Gift Guide below gives you some easy ideas for useful holiday gifts for kids ages 9-13.  Start with the DVD and mix-and-match the rest for a simple formula resulting in Instant Awesome.


A gift guide for kids that encourages safety // great ideas to pair with a bike for Christmas from

(Mix-and-match any of these with the DVD for a gift adaptable to any budget.)

  1. The Safe Kids 101 video prepares kids to be safe at home and in the community with topics like home alone know-how, fire safety, aggressive dog behavior, and more!  To order or for more information, please click here.
  2. Nothing says “You’re old enough, and I trust you to stay home alone” like giving your child his or her own house key.  These fun ones — called Wackeys — are available at hardware stores. While you’re at it, add a fun keychain so they won’t lose it.
  3. Suitable for younger ages, the Dragon series books take on challenging safety topics for kids in (admittedly sometimes cheesy) rhyme.  Look for titles like Once Upon a Dragon, The Tale of Sir Dragon, and No Dragons for Tea.
  4. If he or she is getting a bike/RipStik/skateboard this year, a helmet is a MUST.  Check out these Cutie Cat and Hawk Helmet cool styles kids love!
  5. When your child’s emerging independence means you need a way to keep in touch, consider a kid-friendly cell phone like Firefly Mobile.  It even has prepaid features so you don’t have to worry about a contract.
  6. If your kid is into gadgets, this hand-crank flashlight weather radio combo is sure to be a (helpful!) crowd-pleaser.
  7. For night-time bike safety (& would make a great stocking stuffer!): SlapLit LED Bracelet and the SpotLit Clip, available in a variety of colors.

Did you know? It’s Gift Guide Week! We’ve prepared holiday gift guides for all of our programs, so you’re sure to find something that’s a great fit for ANY kid.  Click the pictures below to see our other gift guides!

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Merry Christmas and have fun shopping for the Smart Kids in your life!

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