Mommy Merit Badges

Ever wish you got the recognition you deserve, Mama? Step right up and collect your Mommy Merit Badges from to show off your awesome motherhood accomplishments. You earned 'em, now come and get 'em!

Mama, you are An Accomplisher. A force to be reckoned with. You know what needs to be done. You do it with graceful dexterity. No fuss. You sit down at the end of a long, hard day to look back over your skilled performance, and…


You can’t remember a darn thing. I know I am exhausted. I feel like I didn’t sit down all day. Why can’t I remember anything I did today? 

Friend, you are not alone. Mommies across the country suffer from this daily amnesia, onset by picky eaters and signing homework folders and running that load of laundry in the dryer because you forgot to fold it (again).

Smart Kids 101 wants to set the record straight. Strike that. We NEED to set the record straight, because for far too long, your many, many glorious accomplishments have been swept under the rug with the old Cheerios and lost action figures and Polly Pocket shoes.

But we say: No more! Inspired by our friends at the Girl Scouts, we hereby institute Mommy Merit Badges. You’ve earned ‘em. Now come and get ‘em! Share with your fellow badge-earning Moms. They deserve ‘em, too.

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Earn your Smart Mom Mommy Merit Badge from

Smart Mom

For being a Smart Mom and joining Credly to earn other Mommy Merit Badges!

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1. Super-Sharer

Earn your Super Sharer Mommy Merit Badge from

Toddler won’t eat peas? Oh WAIT, those peas are on YOUR plate? Suddenly, he can’t get enough. Give him his own plate, and he grows cold again. Like tiny royalty who makes the Royal Taste Tester ensure he’s not being poisoned, kids usually want only what Mama’s having. And in return, Mama learns to grab leftover crust scraps of PB&J sandwiches when she can. Sound familiar? Step right up and click below to collect your Super-Sharer Badge!

Earn your Super Sharer Mommy Merit Badge from

Super Sharer

For those times you're called upon to share your food.

2. Procrastination Sucker-Punch

Earn your Procrastination Sucker Punch Mommy Merit Badge from

“Hey Mom? I have a report on George Washington Carver due tomorrow.”


“And I have to dress up like him in a costume.”


“And I have to make a diorama. Do we have a shoe box?”


“The instructions are somewhere in my backpack.”

It’s gonna be a loooooonnnnnnnggggg night…

Earn your Procrastination Sucker Punch Mommy Merit Badge from

Procrastination Sucker Punch

For those times when you're up late working on a third grade assignment last-minute.

3. Cruiser

Earn your Cruiser Mommy Merit Badge from

Ever driven laps around your neighborhood just so your baby would nap? Ever done it so much that you’re pretty sure the neighbors think you’re casing the joint? Then this badge is for you. Affix that button to your seatbelt — or should we call it your sash? — turn up the white noise, and keep cruising in peace, Mama.

Earn your Cruiser Mommy Merit Badge from


For those times when you just cruise around your 'hood.

4. White Knuckle

Earn your White Knuckle Mommy Merit Badge from

Have you taught your teen how to drive? Is your car’s floorboard permanently damaged from you pressing the imaginary brake pedal? Enough said. Take this badge. Actually, take two and this trophy.

Earn your White Knuckle Mommy Merit Badge from

White Knuckle

For those times when you taught your teen to drive a car... and held your breath the whole time you were in the passenger seat.

5. Pinterest Project Completion

Earn your Pinterest Project Completion Mommy Merit Badge from

On Pinterest? Heck yes. We are, too! Follow us! Now, let me put my serious hat on. Have you ever actually finished a project you pinned on Pinterest?

As we speak, I’m trying to re-do my mantel for the new season. There’s a project on my dining table and another one on my kitchen counter and a ladder in my living room. Where am I? Surfing Pinterest. Not finishing the project.

But maybe you’ve done the impossible and actually finished a project? If so, click below to grab the badge and inspire us by sharing your favorite completed project in the comments.

Earn your Pinterest Project Completion Mommy Merit Badge from

Pinterest Project Completion

For that time you actually completed a Pinterest project.

6. Mystery Stain

Earn your Mystery Stain Mommy Merit Badge from

What’s that on my shirt? How long has that stain been there? Oh well.

Earn your Mystery Stain Mommy Merit Badge from

Mystery Stain

For those times when you have no idea what that is on your shirt. And you kinda don't care.

7. Green Thumb

Earn your Green Thumb Mommy Merit Badge from

House plants don’t cry when they need water. They don’t whine for snacks or sunlight. And IF I remember to water them, it’s likely that someone else will accidentally tip them over. That’s why every plant in my house is doomed… and why it’s truly a feat to keep a house plant alive. Got a green thumb? I tip my virtual hat to you!

Earn your Green Thumb Mommy Merit Badge from

Green Thumb

For those times you actually keep a plant alive.


So. What’d ya earn? Let us know in the comments! Got a badge idea or something you’re working towards? Let us know that, too! Your badge ideas just might end up in a future Mommy Merit Badge Post.

Are you wondering how to collect your badges? Check out our tutorial by clicking here.

Now be sure to click the social share buttons below (or share via your new, free Credly account) to post your badges to Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter.

And sincerest wishes for a Happy Mothers’ Day!

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About Aubrey Hunt

Before hopping on the crazy ride we call motherhood, I studied engineering and taught math and science to middle and high school students. Now, perhaps like you, I fill my days singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider and praying my preschooler will eat a vegetable — any vegetable!


  1. This is hilariously adorable and creative. It’s funny as a mom I can totally empathize with moms everywhere on even the things older kids give us grief about because I remember when me and my brother did certain things to our mom as I read this post! My son is only 2 so some things I haven’t experienced just yet as a mom but 2 year olds are a trip so you can probably imagine the things I already have experienced. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome post with us at Countdown in Style!

    • Aubrey Hunt says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Brittnei! Kids are an adventure for sure… us Moms gotta stick together. :)

  2. SUPER CUTE. I want all the badges! Stopping by from Typeaparent link up.

    • Aubrey Hunt says:

      Thanks, Deborah! Come and get them. :) Thanks for stopping by! (I’m going to check out your site now!)

  3. i love it! totally made me LOL!!

  4. Love this idea! Who needs a new infinity scarf when you’ve got a cool sash with all these neat badges!

  5. I want these as magnets on my car – I would probably lose the sash.

    • Aubrey Hunt says:

      Ha, or my child would hide it! I LOVE the idea of car magnets. Seriously, the more prominent the better. That way I can just look at the mom in the parking lot at Target and go, “You too? Solidarity, sister.”

  6. Not looking forward to the white knuckle badge. And we’ve all had the stain badge at one point. This was extremely funny and clever.

  7. Oh my! Did you do this yourself? This is ingenious. I’m going to have to sign up! You definitely need a mommy badge for either the non-stop “Mommy” call or “Why?” question. Thanks for sharing with Countdown in Style.

    • Aubrey Hunt says:

      Why, thank you! Yes, I did make them myself. :) Love the idea. I’m totally going to have to add that to a future edition of Mommy Merit Badges!

  8. Oh my goodness! These are so clever!! You are over the top creative, girl!! Extraordinary for sure!!! Please link up at Project Inspire{d}! Our link party goes live on Monday nights at 8 EDT. See you there!!

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