6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe

Looking for ways to keep your kids safe and having fun this summer? Here's what a parent needs to know to tell you kids. from https://smartkids101.com

It’s almost here!

The warmer weather is creeping in, and before you know it we’ll be complaining about the heat. Just kidding. Sort of.

This new season brings with it all kinds of fun summer activities. Whether it’s playing, swimming or just hanging out with friends and family, something about summer just gives way to an easier, relaxed lifestyle. Here’s your permission to embrace it!

Top 6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

As your kids are exploring and inventing new summer activities to occupy their time, you can make sure they are familiar with the child safety rules meant to keep kids safe: out of harm’s way and enjoying all summer has to bring.

Here are our top 6 tips:

Keeping Kids Safe Tip #1: Responsibility

Make sure your child is equipped with the information needed to make responsible, safe choices. Child safety is so important!

Be clear on boundaries. Where is she allowed to go around your home? If your child is visiting a friend’s home, require her to call you when she is about to come home or head somewhere else.

For the younger kids, it’s also a good idea she knows her name, address, and phone number. This important part of child safety could help her if she gets lost.

Kids want some freedom this summer? With great power comes great responsibility! Check out these tips from http://smartkdis101.com

Teach them about Stranger Danger

A big part of keeping your kids safe is to make sure they know about stranger danger, if you haven’t already. Make it an ongoing conversation so your child is more familiar with the idea of stranger danger.

If you’re not sure where to start or want a refresher yourself on what to tell your child, check out our blog post on Stranger Danger. You’ll learn all the talking points to teach your kids about stranger danger — to make them aware of the guidelines for child safety without being afraid.

Keeping Kids Safe Must-Have: Bike Helmets

Whether kids are just forgetful or concerned about looking cool, bike helmets often get left behind. Oh no!

In many states, it’s the law for kids to wear helmets while riding bikes and skateboards.

Plus, your brain is too important to take a chance. So enforce the helmet policy to keep all kids safe on your property. Smart Kids have to protect those smart brains!

Smart Kids protect their smart brains. Enforce a helmet rule on your property this summer! https://smartkids101.com

Swimming Pools & Trampolines

These are fun summer activities, but they can present some challenges. Have personal contact between parents before hosting these summer activities or sending your children to friends’ homes to swim or jump.

All parents should be aware of the level of supervision, how long the kids will be participating, and what your house rules are. This way they can make informed decisions about their children’s involvement in these summer activities.


You gotta do it. The sun is really strong — protecting against UV rays is a simple way to keep your kids safe! Spending lots of time outdoors, while great for overall health, can be damaging to skin. Dermatologists recommend reapplying at least every 2 hours because water and sweat tends to wash sunscreen away.

And be sure to check out the latest guidelines on what’s deemed a safe sunscreen — make sure your screen of choice provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. It’s also good to look for formulas free of chemicals and other irritants. The EWG’s 2013 guide is a pretty great place to start.

Summer safety goes beyond stranger danger... sunscreen is another simple way to keep your kids safe this summer. https://smartkids101.com

Enforcing a Curfew

For older kids, be sure to set up and enforce a family curfew. Check with your local laws or call your local police department for information. Be sure you explain to your child what a curfew is and why you want to establish one. Getting your teens home safely at a reasonable hour helps everyone get the sleep they need!

With these 6 guidelines in mind, your family will be well on the way to saving a fun, safe summer!

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